Out of the box and Into the Water – Oru Kayak

oru-kayak_1Often the best ideas (and metaphors) are born from he mash up of two seemingly dissimilar ideas. The Oru Kayak was the brainchild of a California boy, Anton Willis, who was raised with the love of the great outdoors and a fascination with the Asian art form of origami. Oh, and like my own inspiration for starting a blog with minimalist aims, he had a lack of storage space.


Anton  simply wanted a kayak that could fold up and fit in his closet. Unfortunately the kayak has some characteristics that it shares with most outdoor athletic equipment–it’s bulky, cumbersome, heavy, and awkward to schlep for longer than the distance from transport vehicle to launch site (let alone a 4th floor walk-up).

What if you could build out a fully-functioning, airtight, sturdy kayak that is also self-contained; meaning–it is easily* assembled and dismantled from its own packaging and when stored resembles the size and weight dimensions of a suitcase?
*OK, and I say easily because I watched the instruction video below and they do a great job at making this thing look super-simple to build. You can also watch it on Shark Tank which I believe the co-founders cleverly timed their Shark spiel with the Oru Kayak assembly which made for a very impressive pitch.
The Oru Kayak retails for $1195 which means it is on par with other kayaks of a similar size/shape.

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day!  If you are late on gifting and dad’s an outdoorsy-kinda guy who is also a DIY-er, I am pretty sure he would forgive you if you gave him this beautiful, build-out boat a bit belated.

Special thanks to my new friend, April Bond Scully of In Words & Upwards for reminding me about this amazing product!