Make Yours Unique from the World(‘s) Cup

Had a little rooftop soiree this past weekend and an Amusemi brunch today and got into some conversations about creative ways to mark your glasses.

At both social + professional gatherings these days and especially with the World Cup kicking off, your glass is as much a mobile GRIP_COASTERS2accessory as is, well, your mobile phone.  I have written about and extolled the Umbra grip coasters in the past that are both drink marker, coasters, and (perhaps moonlight by day as mini frisbees as well).  I also thought of a way to mark your glass with one of those charity/cause rubber bracelets…it’s got your name on it, you can use it to put around your glass, and it’s ::bonus:: fun wrist candy after the event.  I am trying to convince Alex, the Amusemi founder, to brand the other side so that if it’s attractive enough could be used as a growth-hacking marketing campaign as well.  I did a sketch, but the hand I drew looked like an ogre’s and I am slightly embarrassed to show it…(maybe I’ll tweet it later).

The only other products I have really seen out there that mark your adult sippy cup are those wine trinkets which frankly look a bit kitchetchittag_waterbottlesy to me and are easily lost, flung, and stepped upon.  Plus I might be just as likely to forget if my charm were a tiny grape cluster or an ivy leaves if  both glasses showed evidence of having red wine and pink lip marks.  Oh, and then there are Sharpies, the ink of which I don’t really like near my fingers or mouth, nor forever on my glassware.

But why should only those drinking wine & spirits have a distinguishable vessel?  The Etch-It cups company makes Solo cups (in original Frat Party Crimson  as well as clear) with chalkboard-looking windows that you can sketch, doodle, and write your name on with your fingernail–no Sharpies required.  What was more interesting to me were the labels, which you could stick to, well your lapel, your table setting placard, or perhaps on a floating promo card to quickly jot down a note or your contact info if you don’t have a pen on hand (more likely that you would have a pen on your person rather than an extra Etch it label, but that is besides the point).  The options are limited only by the legibility of your handwriting + artistic skills…which is probably why you should mark your glass before the game starts and you have refilled your cup too many times.

Thanks to Miss Party for the Water Bottle photo cred.