In the Event of Invention – Quirky Live

Every Thursday in the Quirky community, an inventor gets its wings. Or conversely, their dreams are crushed as their sand-combing beach chair gets expelled into the invention abyss. At Thursday product evaluations, five of some of the most voted and commented-on products are hand-picked by the Quirky staff from the thousands of ideas submitted on the site at their headquarters in Chelsea, NYC. Anyone can log on and watch the live stream and a large monitor displays the chatter as tweeters put in their two-cents in real time.Quirky Product Evaluation

As well-organized and automated the whole experience was, one had the feeling of being at a variety show in a friend-of-a-friend’s rustic basement. With ice cream cake. (It just so happened to be the precocious Panelist PJ Shaw’s ninth birthday).
Although the beach-combing chair got the boot, the Roll Rack that mounts most any kids’ sporting equipment got the green light. And just barely making the cut was a set of color-coded walkie-talkie bike helmets to ensure that the family that cycles together stays together.
I was delighted to be a part of the voting process, and witnessing a show that seemed a hybrid of Shark Tank and a sketch from Upright Citizens Brigade.
I left that evening inspired and have been hardcore surfing the site since then to check out all the submissions. I realized that some of the sketches I have on bar napkins that could mop the floor with some of the ideas on there.  I mean, forgive me for taking a slice of hatercake here, but has anyone ever lost sleep over not having their pie divided equally?
It just so happened that one of my favorite pop up concept stores, Story, in Chelsea had a Invention station where Quirky illustrators would help visualize your concept. Though I had a couple sketches of my Food storage container, they didn’t compare to what Petros drew.

Sketches of the Tugo

He even helped me come up with a name– the Tugo – an insulated, aluminum food storage container with a built-in compartment for utensils and pre-soaped cleansing pads so you can wash your Tupperware anywhere.

I’m finalizing the details, such as whether the pads should be water-activated or more like wet naps so water isn’t even necessary.
Will keep everyone posted when I put it up on the Quirky site!
Would love anyone’s opinions on whether they would use a product like this!