Cycle Sexy – Clothing + Accessories designed for Bike to Bistro + Beyond

I’m an admitted fair-weather cyclist. I need a mild forecast, my backup analog map in case my iPhone goes AWOL, and multi-purpose wipes in case I have to get inspector gadget on my gears. Or the wipes are more likely for the hands of the passing biker who re-sets my chain after I flag him down and politely beg for assistance.

I have not yet reached the point of biking to work, though I would love to be able to get past my anxiety of bridge rush hour and anticipating any number of accident-inducing impediments from tourists to taxis and potholes.

Not to mention the dress code. Yes, you could bring your gym bag and change before and after work again, but designers are now taking cycling commuters and citibikers into consideration and incorporating special fabrics, trims, and accessories that more readily fit and accommodate any urban peddler’s needs.

Here are my picks below.

I was an immediate fan of Betabrand’s Bike to Work skinny jeans. Made of high quality stretch denim and with reflective trim on the ankle zippers and back pocket for added visibility while maneuvering on the road. if casual Friday isn’t everyday at your office, the black pants are good options too.  They also have a really nice men’s collection

Betabrand's Bike to Work Jeans

Betabrand’s Bike to Work Jeans

Loving the stylish Reveal skirt by Seattle-based Iva Jean whose entire line is dedicated to chic pieces that can go from “bike to boardroom.”  Had to also share the sexy promo video “reveals” back of the skirt unzips to allow for versatility and mobility.

Think “reflective vest”, and images of a school crossing guard surfaces are conjured up for me. Yet somehow the wacky, reflective statement pieces from Vespertine are executed in such a way that their funky reflective accessories scream “where’s the after-party!” before “safety first!”. Plus all of their pieces are made with 100% recycled, sustainably-produced polyester in NYC.  So many ways to feel good about buying that ostrich-feathered reflector vest.

Vespertine Road Hog Vest

Vespertine Road Hog Vest

In the crazy midtown crowds one day, I spotted the most gorgeous tumbled leather convertible-tote-to-backpack touted by some chic passerby.  I lost her before getting a Pinterest-worthy snapshot and since then I have been obsessed with this fantastic new hand-to-back-bag trend.  Here are a few I found (some of which were unavailable).