A Gemini’s fascination with form, fashion, and undeniably good design as well as a lack of closet space is what started it all.

Subletting the smallest apartment in Manhattan as an intern forced me to get resourceful.  I had to find new ways-to-wear my wardrobe and get creative in the kitchen (i.e.  wine bottle as rolling pin).
I started sketching ideas for apparel that through the use of layering and closures allowed it to be two garments in one.  When I was done I realized it didn’t stop at fashion.  There are tons of products out there from beauty creams to fax and fat-burning-machines already pulling their weight in the dual- and multi-purpose departments.  However, there are not many forums to share and discover them.  That’s where this blog comes in.  I hope that Dualiti helps to bring together other like-minded designers and anyone looking to explore new and interesting ways to save space, money, time, and the environment.
After all, who doesn’t love a great 2-for-1?
Have a great product, designer, or website to share or feedback to give?  Or both?  Even better!  E-mail me at ali@dualiti.co.

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